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Adam Joseph Copeland

Post by Adam Copeland on Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:16 pm

If you were to ask every student in Westbrook High who the worst behaved student in their school was they'd all give you the exact same name; Adam Copeland. The 18 year old senior is known for his almost daily visit's to the principal's office. Although Adam can be seen pulling up to Westbrook each morning on his treasured Harley, beneath the sunglasses and motor cycle jacket that make up his tough exterior is a troubled soul. Adam comes from a broken home. He's very close to his mother, but terrified of his father. His father is a raging alcoholic, and rather than watch his mother be abused he takes the brunt of it himself. Adam uses his bad boy image at Westbrook to hide the fact that he only truly wants one
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